Our Approach To Quality

To be a recognized stainless steel tubes company in the industry, we were firstly awarded the certifications to comply with international quality and environment standards. Our quality system lays the stress on the prevention rather than detection. We focus on the needs of both our employees and customers. We won’t mark time, we will keep working on being a technical, diversified and large-scale manufacturer.

Quality And Efficiency

We keep improving our efficiency from some details without any impact on the quality. We utilize the full-automatic production and packaging platform to all production lines. We have in-house cranes and forklifts for the safety of our staff and high efficiency. As a result, we save up to 3/4 times than other manufacturers in the industry.

mechanized factory of quality and efficiency

Our Inspection Standard

All tubes from Vinmay are manufactured strictly according to the international standards. Download the manufacturing/inspection standard lists.

Quality Control Approach

Precise and Reliable.

  • stainless steel raw material inspection

    #1 Raw Material Inspection

    Careful inspection of the raw materials to eliminate potentially flawed materials.

  • stainless steel dimension inspection

    #2 Dimension Inspection

    To test completely if the thickness and length comply to the precise dimensional tolerance range.

  • stainless steel surface inspection

    #3 Surface Inspection

    Strict test of the surface brightness and texture, the fineness of sand lines, no blister or black lines.

  • stainless steel mechanical properties testing

    #4 Mechanical Properties Testing

    Tensile, hardness, flaring, flange, reverse bend tests to ensure proper yield stress and tensile strength.

  • stainless steel eddy current testing

    #5 Eddy Current Testing

    Uses electromagnetic induction to identify defects in the piping and guarantee the air tightness.

  • stainless steel salt spray

    #6 Intergranular Corrosion Testing

    Finish testing to make sure the piping is anti-corrosion, suitable for a specific or generic environment.

Third-Party Inspection Report

Double assurance available here!

P08 S06 raw material inspection

Incoming Materials

Our incoming materials come with the report of chemical composition and mechanical properties. We know your needs on the accuracy, so it is available here to provide the report as required.

P08 S06 final product test

Final Products

We know your extreme requirement on the precision, hardness or brightness. We have a comprehensive list of quality data collection for every batch of tubes. Different ways of inspection at Vinmay are available:

· Qualified measurement institution

· Named measurement institution

· Inspection by your expatriate staff

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