ASTM 249/A269

Standard: (JIS G3463, DIN 17457, EN 10217-7, GB/T 24593)
  • bolier 3


  • Heat exchanger 2

    Heat Exchanger

  • condenser 1


Required high-pressure resistant, heat resistance, and good welding.

Available Steel Grades: 304, 304L, 316L


Standard: (DIN 11850, JIS G3447, ISO 2037)
  • food and baverage industry

    Food and Beverage Industry

  • chemical fiber and chemical industry

    Biological Engineering and Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Chemical fiber and chemical industry 2

    Chemical Fiber and Chemical Industry

Requested strict chemical element control and accurate inside polishing.

Available Stainless Steel Grades: 304, 304L,316L


Standard: (GB/T 12770, JG/T 3030, YB/T 5363, JIS G3446)
  • P07 S02 handrail


  • P07 S02 hardware furniture

    Hardware Furniture

  • P07 S02 display shelf

    Display Shelf

Requested excellent mechanical properties, duration, stability and corrosion resistance. Available for sinking, flaring, bending, and fine electroplating.
Available Steel Grades: 201, 202, 304, 304L and 316L


Standard: GB/T 19228, JIS G3448, EN 10312, CJ/T 151
  • stainless steel water pipe

    Stainless Steel Water Tube

  • stainless steel water pipe connect with the fittings

    Stainless Steel Water Tube Connect With the Fittings

  • Water Supply System

    Water Supply System

Used in industrial and civil water, heating supply, hot gas pipeline system, fire fighting system, solar piping, and central air conditioning piping.

Available Steel Grades: 304, 304L, 316 and 316L

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