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      • Stable Quality

        Our railing system is superior and popular to numerous clients. From warehouse, machinery, welding, to polishing and more, we ensure the 100% quality compliance.

      • Competitive Price

        Vinmay has focused on SS railing industry for 10+ years. So, manufacture costs are controlled so well by the large-scale raw material purchase and bulk production.

      • Professional Team

        With rich experience and professional industry know-how, we can offer you a most proper solution from drawings, and material selected to package design.

      Accessories For Diversified Pipes

      Stainless steel decorative accessories are mainly for pipes used in stair railing systems,  swimming pool guardrails, and configuration of airport, hotel. On the other hand, light gauge water pipe fittings are usually for pipes of the thin wall drinking water pipe systems.

      Best Matching and Spare Use

      A good matching accessory or spare part takes an indispensable part in the whole stainless steel piping system. For this reason, we get every part ready for your system to run smoothly. And detailed to a small part, Vinmay uses the top material with excellent quality for which you could count on us.

      From warehouse, casting, matching, polishing etc, we will 100% check complying with a strict QC procedure. This ensure that all fittings have consistent finish and quality with our tubes.

      For this reason, we get every part ready for your system to run smoothly.

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