Accessories For Diversified Tubes

Stainless steel decorative accessories are mainly for tudes used in stair railing systems,  swimming pool guardrails, and configuration of airport, hotel.

Best Matching and Spare Use

A good matching accessory or spare part takes an indispensable part in the whole stainless steel tubing system. Pre-finished, easy-to-install railing can low down labor costs significantly. Without welding, only with simple tools you can install a whole railing.

From warehouse, casting, matching, polishing etc, we will 100% check complying with a strict QC procedure. This ensure that all fittings have consistent finish and quality with our tubes.

For this reason, we get every part ready for your system to run smoothly.

Our Product

  • Balustrade


  • base flanges and covers

    Base Flanges and Covers

  • connector and end cap

    Connector and End Cap

  • Glass clamp

    Glass Clamps

  • handrail brackets

    Handrail Brackets

  • Railing Parts

    Railing Parts

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