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    Significant Features and Advantages

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    • High-End Material Origins

      First-class materias from famous origins, such as BAOSTEEL, TISO, TSINGSHAN, etc., which can ensure the high stability, surface quality and corrosion resistance.

    • Strict OD and Thinkness

      The outside dimension and thickness tolerances of our pipes are rigorously complying to global standards or as per customer’s specific requirements.

    • More Effective Welding

      The welding of the box section is set aside of the corner, rather than exactly on the corner, which allows our pipes to be more suitable for bending and other processes.

    For Construction Decorative Purpose

    Stainless steel is an incomparable material in construction projects due to its functional and recycling features. The Vinmay decorative stainless steel pipe is an ideal choice for constructions requiring durability, stylish appearance, and innovative structure.

    Piping Benefits

    The combination of the higher mechanical strength of this pipe and the material’s fire-resistant properties over carbon steel enable them to be widely used in the construction of public buildings, furniture, sanitary wares, and industrial equipment. For A554 pipes, we have a rigorous request on its thickness, sand or light polishing.


    Its advantages in the building and construction industry:

    • Aesthetic

    • High strength

    • No maintenance

    • Fire resistance

    • Weldability

    • Corrosion resistance

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