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    • Best Crystal Structure

      Fully annealed at the temperature between 1050℃ to 1080℃ to get the most even crystal structure, fix the pipe size, and improve plasticity before bending.

    • Customizable Specifications

      From the stainless steel tubing length to orifice flaring or punching, we provide all-inclusive custom options to precisely fit your heat and pressure piping demands.

    • Completely Tested Quality

      Full quality inspections including the testing of water pressure, flaring, eddy current, and intergranular corrosion ensuring the highest quality standard.

    For Boiler, Heat Exchanger And Condenser

    An ideal material for pipeline of heat and pressure transmission should be heat and pressure resistance. It normally serve the industry like petroleum, food, chemical, paper, fertilizer, fabric, aviation and nuclear.

    Advanced Production Process

    Due to our excellent technology persistance, we keep conducting a continuous and intensive molding production process of the tig welded pipes. From the raw pipe coil to the finished, meticulous processes and high quality is our standard.

    Compared to A269 tubes, there is one more process of A249 pipes called inside weld bead removing which allows A249 pipes with no visible welds.

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