Stainless steel tubes for the food industry: new EN 10357 standard


January 2014 – Marcegaglia, the world’s top producer of stainless steel welded tubes, has played a key role in the promotion and the drafting of the EN 10357 Euronorm, a new specific standard related to austenitic, austenitic-ferritic and ferritic longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes for the food and chemical industry.

Starting from 2014, the new standard substitutes the previous DIN 11850 and all other national norms related to the sector and will be included on product marking.

Among EN 10357 main innovations:
• validity across all countries of the European Union, surpassing the national norm DIN 11850;
• the extension to all stainless grades included in the EN 10028-7, including the following ferritic: 1.4003 – 1.4516 – 1.4520 – 1.4510 – 1.4513 – 1.4521 – 1.4526 – 1.4509
• the indication of 4-dimensional classes with specific tolerances.

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