For Food & Beverage

The tubing of this industry should be easily cleaned and sterilized. In this way, it could prevent bacterial contamination of food and  extend the durability of the material.

Stainless steel is the best material of choice for the food & beverage industry. Vinmay has been working with the related companies and helping them innovate the tubing system for food and beverage industry.

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First Rate Technology

Normally, breweries ,professional kitchens,household and food production have a need for stainless steel system where the hygiene is one of the critical criteria for material selection.

The technology of Vinmay has great benefits on the economic viability and flexibility of installation of the tubes.

After bright annealing, the tubes have even metallographic structure. We also adopt the imported inside polishing machine to process the inside bead polishing. What’s more, we could produce according to the relevant specifications and standards.

Our Product

  • P03 ASTM A270 Stainless Steel Tig Welded Tubes

    A270 Round Tube

    Outside Diameter: 24mm-159mm

    Thickness: 0.6mm-3.05mm

    Length: 6m, 20 feet or as required

    Finish: 180/240/320Grit (Rɑ 0.5-0.8µm)

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